Laura Holtz, BS, CCRP

Laura Holtz, BS is the Senior Research Manager for OPTIMISTIC. She is responsible for budget management and reporting to CMS. She supports the Learning Community team and supervises research staff. 



Shannon Effler, MSW

Shannon Effler, MSW is the OPTIMISTIC Research Manager. She oversees project coordination, supports project management, and promotes communications among OPTIMISTIC teams. She  is the primary point of contact for all Payment Only facilities.



Erin O'Kelly Phillips, BA

Erin O'Kelly Phillips, BA is the OPTIMISTIC Research Coordinator with the Analytics Team. She oversees the management of data collection and facilitates regular facility reports.




Russell Evans, RN, BSN, MHA

Russ Evans, RN, BSN, MHA is the OPTIMISTIC Program Administrator. He supervises clinical staff and leads the Implementation Team, which drives clinical intervention priorities. He is the Implementation Liaison and primary contact for Clinical + Payment facilities.



Katie Rukes, BA

Kaite Rukes, BA is the OPTIMISTIC Research Specialist. She manages and organizes file sharing platforms and the project website. She supports branding and design of materials and assists the Analytics team with coordination tasks. 




Ashley Gulley, MPH

Ashley Gulley, MPH is the OPTIMISTIC Research Assistant with the Analytics Team. She assists with data cleaning, data reports, and communication with clinical staff.



Lidia Dubicki, MS

Lidia Dubicki is the Project Coordinator for OPTIMISTIC's Education & Training Team. She coordinates clinical staff education, learning community webinars, and the annual stakeholder summit.