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If you have questions about..Leadership MemberContact Info
Project Operations & Implementation, Payment Only Facility Engagement, Provider Enrollment & Advisory BoardShannon Effler, MSW; Implementation Liaison; Operations Coordinator

Payment Only Facility Engagement

Kathy Frank, RN, PhD;

Clinical Supervisor
Project Implementation, Clincial & Payment Facility Engagement, Clinical Staff SupervisionRuss Evans, RN, MHA; Program Administrator and Clinical Coordinator

Learning CommunitiesLidia Dubicki; Education & Training Coordinator


Payment Codes and BillingLaura Holtz, CCRP; Project Manager, Payment Specialist

Data Management & SubmissionErin O'Kelley Phillips, CCRP; Data Coordinator

Clinical & Payment Facility Palliative Care Support & Advance Care PlanningMelanie Parks, RN, MS, CHPN; Palliative Care Nurse

Dissemination ModelKathleen Unroe, MD, MHA; OPTIMISTIC Director & Principal Investigator

Provider Engagement

Monica Tegeler, MD OPTIMISTIC Medical Director   317-310-7996 (pager) 

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